Worldwide Recognition


1. Approved Centre for courses leading to awards from City & Guilds of London and The University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations recognized by international universities and employers worldwide.

2. International Progression pathway.

3. Learners fulfill the English Language Proficiency requirements by many esteemed universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and other English speaking countries for undergraduate degree programmes.


Pathway to Higher Education in Malaysia and Overseas


1. Pathway towards pursuing higher degree in colleges, universities and branch campuses at Malaysia, the regional hub for higher education.

2. Pathway towards studying at universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada etc.



Friendly People at HLC


1. Experienced and friendly Teachers and administrators.

2. Lively learning environment.

3. Experiential learning through Educational trips.

4. Counseling for students.


State-of-the-art Language Laboratory


1. Equipped with high-tech computers.

2. Experiential learning programs using the latest technologies and multimedia.

3. Online access for English Language learning through City & Guilds’ Smart-screen applications.



Magnificent KLCC Location


1. Located within walking distance to the Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur.

2. Modern transport system with underground LRT stations connected to the whole city.

3. Suria KLCC, is a prime shopping haven with many international fashion and accessories boutiques.

4. Modern life style accommodations around the centre.